The Ravens Of Ocean Beach – The Portraits


Crows and ravens, familiar creatures of native symbolism and mythology, are constant companions in the urban landscape. They populate the skies of San Francisco where I live and work, soaring above the sands and cliffs of Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park. I try to coax them closer with copious table scraps. They are difficult to photograph, fascinating and noisy in their interactions, intelligent and resourceful . . . and beautiful in their gliding flights. They touch a dark corner of my soul, and whisper ancestral secrets. Ancient though they are, they are a perfect component of the modern urban landscape and have much to teach us.

5 thoughts on “The Ravens Of Ocean Beach – The Portraits

  1. Fascinating animals, great pictures.
    I always take a bit of time on my to work to watch them. The ravens usually put nuts onto the main street and wait for fast cars to crack them.


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