About Me



After years of recording the world with my camera, I now find myself drawn back to earlier days of creating images and abstractions from life’s absurdities.

I shape dreamlike worlds instilled with the whispers of Disney and Dali.

The call of the Yellow Brick Road grows strong and I follow the path.

With photoshop I use new tools that allow me to extend my fantasy worlds with more exactitude. I have renewed interest in those mundane things encountered but left unexamined. A lifetime of experience and photography furnishes a trove of images with new possibilities. Now that song by Tom Waits morphs into a new composition, it layers with flights of ravens and calls of seagulls. All mingle with childhood memories and find their place in my images. Dreamscapes offer new ways to stitch the world into panoramas seen from birds’ or worms’ eye view.

Just different ways to alter one’s perception of the universe.

Join me where Disney and Dali beckon us.

(Their movie is now out!  Pretty incredible I’d say…wanna’ see it?  )


Wendell Shinn